Episode 5B Bachelor Status & Points, plus Bonus Results!

So. Much. Recapping.


Guys, I know. It’s so confusing. Was that Episode 6? Eh, not really. ABC called it ‘Episode 5B,’ so that’s what I’m going with…because ‘Episode Completely Unnecessary Recap Show’ doesn’t really work.

If that’s not an evergreen gif, I don’t know what is.

So how did our Bachelors do last night?

And what about the bonus games?

Preseason Bonus (for points):

Will there be a rose ceremony at the end of the episode? No.

How many guys will Hannah kiss tonight? In the actual episode (not counting recaps or previews) ONE - Garrett.

If you answered “no,” you got 25 bonus points. Nobody said one kiss!

EPISODE Five Bonus (for prizes):

  • Devin beat Kevin

  • Garrett beat Peter

  • Dustin and Dylan TIED

  • Luke beat Grant

  • Tyler beat Mike

  • Connor beat Jed

6 total opportunities, and 3 people got 5 out of 6 correct and will receive a weekly prize. Congrats to Kayci J, Jenn M, and Ryan R! I’ll contact you ASAP about prizes!

Check out Player Standings NOW!

Episode 6 Bonus will be posted soon!