Episode 3 Bachelor Status & Points, plus Bonus Results!

So. Many. Animals.


Good on Hannah. She’s a badass Bachelorette who doesn’t take any crap from these dudes, and I am A BIG FAN.

So how did our Bachelors do last night?

And what about the bonus games?

Preseason Bonus (for points):

How many times will we hear the word BEAUTIFUL during this episode seven

If you answered correctly, you will see an extra 25 points added to your total when standings are posted later today.

EPISODE THREE Bonus (for prizes):

  • Connor S. beat Devin

  • Garrett beat Dylan

  • Mike beat John Paul Jones

  • Tyler C. beat Grant

  • Peter beat Kevin

  • Jonathan and Matteo TIED

  • Luke S. beat Dustin

  • Luke P. beat Tyler G.

  • Jed beat Joey

  • Cam did NOT say “ABC…Always Be Cam!”

10 total opportunities, and nobody got all ten correct! 12 people got 9 out of 10 correct, and three of those 12 were randomly selected to receive a weekly prize. Congrats to Emily O, Shari G, and Stacy M! I’ll contact you ASAP about prizes!

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