Episode 1 Bachelor Status & Points, plus Bonus Results!

So. Many. Bros.

It remains to be seen whether or not Hannah’s bunch of guys is worthy, but one thing’s for sure: she’s going to be a stellar Bachelorette. I love her.

So how did our Bachelors do last night?

And what about the bonus games?

Preseason Bonus (for points): How many Bachelors did Hannah kiss on Night One? Three

If you answered correctly, you will see an extra 25 points added to your total when standings are posted later today.

Night One Bonus (for prizes):

  • Cam beat Brian

  • Connor S. beat Connor J.

  • Chasen beat Daron

  • Devin beat Dustin

  • Garrett beat Dylan

  • Grant and Hunter tied

  • Joe the Box King beat Jed

  • Joey beat John Paul Jones

  • Jonathan beat Kevin

  • Luke P. beat Luke S.

  • Old Matt Donald beat Matthew

  • Mike beat Matteo

  • Peter beat Ryan

  • Scott beat Thomas

  • Tyler C. beat Tyler G.

15 total matchups, and four players got 12/15 correct! Congrats to Elizabeth S, Hannah F, Robert Turner, and Sarah Bergeron. I’ll contact all four of you soon about prizes!

Stay tuned for player standings, part two of the Bachelor Draft, and the episode two Bonus Game!