Bachelor Colton: Mid-Finale Update

Guys. Last night was the MOST dramatic, the MOST emotional…

…and both Tayshia and Hannah G. showed an immense amount of grace.

We’ll do a final report of scoring, standings, and bonus results tomorrow, but in the meantime, where do we stand heading into tonight’s episode?

Bachelorette Points:

Hannah G: 190

Tayshia: 130

Follow tonight’s live scoring HERE.

Player Standings after last night - will also be updated throughout the evening tonight.

Finally, BONUS.

Preseason Bonus: So far, no Bachelorette announcement, and it looks like we’ll get that during tonight’s episode.

Finale + After the Final Rose Bonus: Who has said LOVE the most?

  • Colton: 24 times

  • Chris Harrison: 16 times

  • Hannah G: 12 times

  • Tayshia: 0 times

  • Cassie: 0 times

The count continues tonight!