Episode 5 Bachelorette Status & Points, plus Bonus Results!

Since Katie got basically no screen time last night, here she is. i love her.

katie colton.jpg

Did anyone else think Thailand looked shockingly like Playa Escondida? There was even a Rose Palapa. It was odd.

First: Heather’s 1-on-1: All you need to know is that she has now BEEN KISSED.

Elyse puts on her “statement dress” to go break up with Colton. I saw a lot of confusion over why she left, but I get it. Even if you think you know what you’re getting into when you go on this show, it has to suck to have an early 1-on-1, and then see your relationship basically stall while others go on dates. She liked him and didn’t want to compete for him anymore. I get it.

Worst. Group. Date. Ever. They were soaked, in the jungle, and digging up slugs. No thank you. I absolutely loved Demi + the Hannahs, and I would 100% watch a show just dedicated to those three.

Cassie’s 1-on-1: So many questions about that “private island.” Where did they pee (I mean, obvs the ocean…but still.) How long were they there? Did they eat? Did Cassie have to be surgically removed from Colton’s lips?

Cocktail Party and NO Rose Ceremony: Onyeka and Nicole? This isn’t going to end well for you, ladies.

So how did our Bachelorettes do last night?

And what about the bonus games?

Preseason Bonus (for points):

How many people will cry during this episode?

2 Bachelorettes (Elyse and Nicole), but 3 people, because Colton also cried in his selfie video the morning after Elyse left. So, if you chose 2 or 3, you get bonus points.

Each question was worth 25 points, and 64 of you got 25 points last night! Check the standings for more details.

EPISODE 5 Bonus (for prizes):

  • Heather beat Cassie

  • Nicole beat Sydney

  • Caelynn and Hannah G. TIED

  • Onyeka beat Katie

  • Elyse beat Demi

  • Hannah B. beat Tayshia

  • Will Kirpa actually say anything on camera during this episode? YES

6 matchups + 1 question, for 7 total opportunities. Nobody got all seven correct, but several of you got six. Three winners were randomly selected: Jasmine Myers, Victoria Noonan, and Emily Manin. I’ll contact all three of you later today!

Check out Player Standings NOW, play the Episode 6 Bonus Game, and IT’S TIME FOR THE MID-SEASON DRAFT!