Episode 6 Bachelorette Status & Points, plus Bonus Results!

Colton as sushi. Still bland.


First: Nicole and Onyeka go home, to absolutely nobody’s surprise.

Hannah G’s 1-on-1: Lots of kissing and groping. And a tragic story about her mom destroying her dad’s lawn.

Martial Arts Group Date: Hannah Beast returns (and I rejoice), Demi gets hit in the face, Colton and Demi call Mom, and Sydney decides to hit the road.

Kirpa’s 1-on-1: I love Kirpa. I think she’s so stunning and normal, and I think she and Colton are reminiscent of Sean and Catherine. Ultimately, though - I don’t think he’s willing to step outside of his blonde girl box for the long run..

Demi goes Balls to the Wall: She wore a pink mock turtleneck top and jorts to seduce Colton. I’m honestly not surprised he sent her home.

Rose Ceremony: I’m legit really sad to see Katie go. Also, if you’re Colton, WHY aren’t you asking all of these girls who isn’t ready to get engaged? Probs because he’s not ready either!

So how did our Bachelorettes do last night?

And what about the bonus games?

Preseason Bonus (for points):

Will there be a rose ceremony at the end of the episode? YES

How many Bachelorettes will Colton kiss during this episode? 8

Each question was worth 25 points. 91 of you got 25 points last night, and 2 of you got 50 points! Check the standings for more details.

EPISODE 6 Bonus (for prizes):

  • Nicole beat Onyeka

  • Hannah G. beat Kirpa

  • Demi beat Sydney

  • Katie beat Caelynn

  • Tayshia beat Cassie

  • Hannah B. beat Heather

6 matchups, and ONE player got all six correct - congrats, Emily Markwell! Two additional players who got five correct were randomly selected to win a prize as well: Ali Unger, and Emily Sorenson. I’ll contact all three of you later today!

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