Episode 2 Bachelorette Status & Points, plus Bonus Results!

I literally don’t have the drawers to unpack all this baggage, y’all.


The dates begin, and drama ensues.

Surprisingly, DJ Agro Catherine was not the impetus for the drama (and where was her dog, btw?). Rather, Demi takes the crown on the first group date, ramps it up during the cocktail party, and totally alienates the “older ladies,” particularly Terrible Tracy, in the process.

Hannah B. goes on the first 1-on-1 date of the season on her “golden birthday,” (which….why is this a thing?) and she implodes. As a pageant queen, she clearly can’t improvise. If she doesn’t have a rehearsed answer to anything Colton asks her, she basically melts into a puddle of awkward. It’s not good television.

Blah blah blah camp date with Billy Eichner. Heather’s never been kissed. Gotcha.

Finally, Alex B, Angelique, Annie, and Erika were eliminated. So, usually two ladies who the Bachelor is actually interested in don’t get dates during Episode 2 - they’re definitely going to be kept around. This time around, Angelique and Annie didn’t go on dates AND didn’t get roses. My theory? Colton wanted to send them home Night One, but the producers made him give out 23 roses.

So how did our Bachelorettes do last night?

And what about the bonus games?

Preseason Bonus (for points):

  1. Will there be a rose ceremony at the end of the episode? Yes

  2. How many Bachelorettes will Colton kiss during Episode 2? 8

If you answered correctly, you will see an extra 25 points (for each question) added to your total when standings are posted later today.

EPISODE 2 Bonus (for prizes):

  • Tracy beat Alex B.

  • Tayshia beat Angelique

  • Sydney beat Annie

  • Onyeka beat Bri

  • Caelynn beat Nina

  • Nicole beat Caitlin

  • Cassie beat Kirpa

  • Katie beat Catherine

  • Courtney beat Heather

  • Demi beat Hannah G.

  • Elyse beat Erika

  • Will Hannah B. say “Roll Tide?” YES

11 matchups + 1 question, for 12 total opportunities. Three players got 10 correct! Congrats to Vanessa Cadavillo, Courtney Winkler, and Adana Dysart. I’ll contact all three of you later today!

Stay tuned for player standings and the episode three Bonus Game!