Episode 1 Bachelorette Status & Points, plus Bonus Results!


Last night was…excessive. Three hours, four watch parties, two proposals, a gazillion former contestants, and one hot tub full of glitter and the goose.

The best part, hands down, was the tribute to His Hotness, Chris Harrison (and an appearance by his mom, who was darling:

So how did our Bachelorettes do last night?

And what about the bonus games?

Preseason Bonus (for points): How many Bachelorettes did Colton kiss on Night One? Three

If you answered correctly, you will see an extra 25 points added to your total when standings are posted later today.

Night One Bonus (for prizes):

  • Alex B. beat Alex D.

  • Angelique and Annie tied

  • Caelynn beat Bri

  • Cassie beat Caitlin

  • Catherine beat Courtney

  • Demi beat Devin

  • Elyse and Erika tied

  • Hannah B. beat Erin

  • Hannah G. beat Heather

  • Katie beat Jane

  • Kirpa beat Laura

  • Nicole beat Nina

  • Onyeka beat Revian

  • Sydney and Tahzjuan tied

  • Tayshia beat Tracy

15 total matchups, and one player got all 15 correct! Congrats to Trieste Phillipps! Five players got 14/15, and so two were randomly selected to also receive a prize: Danielle Nagy and Meagan Gilbert. I’ll contact all three of you later today!

Stay tuned for player standings, part two of the Bachelorette Draft, and the episode two Bonus Game!