An Important Conversation + Chris Harrison OFF THE MARKET!

Guys, I failed you. I didn’t put together a Recap Roundup last week. I’m sorry.

How about, to make it up to you, we have both live scoring AND live standings this week? Sound good? Good.

So, what can we expect tonight?

Colton and the 15 remaining Bachelorettes head to Singapore. There’s a giant group date in a Singapore market, a one-on-one date with Tayshia, and a super emotional one-on-one with Caelynn. It’s been teased everywhere, so I don’t think it’s technically a spoiler to post a preview here:

What else is going on?

In case you missed it, Shawn Booth was on Almost Famous: In Depth with Ben + Ashley I. As someone who is unabashedly #teamkaitlyn, I expected bitterness and anger from Shawn. And while he did get in some digs (mentioning the empty house and her moving on so quickly), I thought he came across as very genuine and as someone who is still in the middle of mourning a relationship. He also further clarifies the timeline, including mentioning that Kaitlyn and Jason have been dating since November. Definitely worth a listen, if you have time.

Desiree and Chris welcomed baby Zander at home (Us Weekly)

Kendra Wilkinson is dating Lunch Meat Chad, and I’m confused (Us Weekly)

Bibiana is the best, y’all. Go home, Dean (Us Weekly)

Finally, there’s giant, earth-shaking news in Bachelor Nation. Chris Harrison is off the market, and we are HERE FOR IT.

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