Episode 4 Bachelorette Status & Points, plus Bonus Results!

is colton dating his sister?

Let’s hope not.


Honestly, I want to go to Singapore. How did we get an entire episode there with zero mentions of Crazy Rich Asians? It was a great movie, an even better book, and something that has absolutely infiltrated the cultural zeitgeist. Even amongst 23-year-olds, I assume.

First off was Tayshia’s 1-on-1: My thoughts were as follows:

  • Man, it’s a bummer that I got rid of the “face your fears date” points. We haven’t had one of those in a while.


  • She looks fab in red.

  • The conversation about her divorce was measured, mature, and reasonable. And Colton’s right, her smile is stunning.

Next, we’ve got the Group Date in the Market, or Demi’s 1-on-1, if we’re being honest. Good on her for being assertive, honestly. Also, how does Courtney expect to stick around if she doesn’t even search out The Bachelor on a group date? Doesn’t compute.

Final date: Caelynn and the “Pretty Woman” shopping spree, followed by an intense and important conversation over dinner. Good for her for explaining what happened and how it affected her and everyone in her life. She didn’t try to avoid expressing emotion, and because of that, she showed incredible strength. I’m really glad that she has a platform to tell her story and advocate for victims - she has a great ability to communicate this. Also, I don’t fault Colton for discussing how a similar situation affected him in a previous relationship (which we all know was Aly Raisman, right?). While her story isn’t his to tell in a public venue, he did a good job of explaining how being in a relationship with a survivor of abuse affected him directly and also impacted his history of intimacy.

Cocktail Party and Rose Ceremony: HELLO HANNAH G. WITH THE HORIZONTAL MAKEOUT. Girl is here to play. Finally, Courtney and Tracy hit the road back to the ol’ USA. And with that, we’re down to 13 ladies. Chugging right along!

So how did our Bachelorettes do last night?

And what about the bonus games?

Preseason Bonus (for points):

Will there be a rose ceremony at the end of the episode? YES

How many Bachelorettes will Colton kiss during this episode? SIX

Each question was worth 25 points, and bunches of you got either 25 or 50 bonus points last night! Check the standings for more details.

EPISODE 4 Bonus (for prizes):

  • Caelynn beat Tayshia

  • Cassie beat Nicole

  • Courtney beat Elyse

  • Hannah B beat Tracy

  • Hannah G v Kirpa

  • Katie and Sydney TIED

  • Onyeka beat Heather

  • How many times will Demi be BLEEPed in Episode 4? SEVEN

7 matchups + 1 question, for 8 total opportunities.Three of you got all eight correct: Michele Lodl, Adrianne Barkell, and Whitney Ratcliff. I’ll contact all three of you later today!

Check out Player Standings NOW, and stay tuned for the Episode 5 Bonus Game!