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About Us

Because we want to be Chris Harrison

What's this all about anyway?

Bachelor League is a fast-paced and interactive way to play a Bachelor fantasy game with a devoted group of superfans in our public Bachelor League.

How are we different from other Bachelor fantasy games? We're not a bracket - we have you build a team of Bachelor/ettes to follow throughout the season. We're not simply a scoring system - we're so much more than that.

Why should you play?

Well, first of all, it’s super fun. We do a great job of keeping you engaged in the game throughout the season while also not demanding too much of your time. We acknowledge that spoilers are out there, we use them to our advantage, and we award points based on things that can’t be spoiled. No, you can’t draft the final four Bachelor/ettes to your team. Yes, it’s okay if you draft the same team as someone else. Learn more now about why we’re the best Bachelor Fantasy League out there!