Recap Roundup + Bachelor Nation News: Episode 2

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Bachelor League Episode 2 Commentary:
Boobs, Breakups, and a Shotgun. Just for fun.

Recap Roundup:

Nick's Bachelor Blog (People)

I love how assertive and bold Corinne is, I just never wanted to intentionally make the other women uncomfortable. After such a fun day, I was really looking forward to spending more one-on-one time with the women going into the afterparty. A handful of women continued to be assertive with their time, and none more than Corinne. I appreciated her focusing on our relationship above everything else. 

Listen, I’ve been through this enough seasons to know that, at the time, she was probably ruffling feathers. I know the value of group date roses — they validate the person you give it to and add pressure to the people you don’t. I didn’t want the target that was probably forming on her back to intimidate her to just be herself, and so that is why I wanted to give Corinne the rose. 


Chris Harrison’s Blog (Yahoo! TV)

But first he had to say goodbye to Liz. I really don’t think it had anything to do with their past. Their conversation that night and the weirdness of the day cemented something for Nick: while there was a past with Liz, there was no future. I think in some ways the strength of his date with Danielle M. made him confident about his chances to find someone, and he no longer felt like Liz was a viable option.


Sharleen Joynt for FLARE Magazine

I basically want to paste her entire post here, but this part is the absolute best:

After all, a rose supposedly represents promise and excitement about a person. In fact, the entire premise of this show revolves around the damn flower having some sort of meaning. Thus, giving that aforementioned sense of promise and excitement to a woman who…

 a) needlessly strips and has him hold her breasts in front of the other women (my issue is with the parts in italics; if she wants to get frisky, kudos to her for her confidence, but really, there are better times and places)

b) uses no adjectives to describe him or her feelings for him other than “he’s so hot”

c) interrupts several women for additional 1-on-1 time when not everyone has had time (which is just poor sportsmanship)

 … is an indisputable slap in the face to every woman who might be taking this even remotely seriously.

Don't miss Sharleen's full recap on her website too! I forgot to post her Episode 1 Recap last week, so here it is.


Ali Fedotowsky

Overall, I am pretty disappointed with how some of the girls are handling themselves. Brittany asked Nick whose boobs were better – hers or Corrine. Corrine got naked on her first date. And Lacey said “what if I had taken my shirt off, would I have gotten the rose?” I know she was trying to make a point suggesting that’s what Nick wants (and I think Lacey is very sweet). But in general there is just too much focus on sexuality this season already. Even the boob birthday thing at the end. It was funny and I can appreciate humor, but again, it seems like too much for it only being the 2nd episode. As a mom, I sat there and watched the showing thinking, I never want my daughter to think she has to behave this way to find a good man. I’m not trying to put the girls down by calling them out on this either. It just makes me sad I guess. I hope they all know they are better than this.


Ashley I. for Cosmopolitan

Most of the staged fights are funny. There’s bickering about dental hygiene, drinking, and even a hard slap across the cheek. But then there’s Liz, who steps on stage to put an end to all the fun and games. She reads Nick a serious letter about the first time they met at Jade and Tanner’s wedding. It was awkward, and it was vulnerable, and sure, sort of seemed like something I would do, so I can’t knock it. I appreciated the feelings she expressed but not the public forum in which she did so.


Yahoo! TV by Kristen Baldwin

I was pleasantly surprised at how the “ladies” reacted to Brittany’s skintastic “Adam and Eve” photo shoot. From encouraging shouts of “Get in there, girl — have fun!” to Jasmine’s assessment that Brittany deserves “props” for braving this awkward first-date encounter, the women don’t (openly) resent Brittany for being half-naked with the Bachelor.

Oh, except for Corinne, of course.”F**k them,” she grumbles. Her response, naturally, is to take the physical aggression to the next level. “We had such a spark night one,” she says. “I’m not going to let any girl take my spark away.” (Somewhere, Tierra and her eyebrow are cheering at the TV: “That’s right, girl! Don’t let anyone take away your spark(le)!”)


Vulture by Ali Barthwell

Some of the ladytestants will be dressed as brides and pose with Nick as their groom, while other ladytestants will be dressed as bridesmaids and must steal the show. I understand that women on this show are inherently in competition with each other, but come on. I know that there's a phrase "Always a bridesmaid, never the bride" that is gross and annoying, but do we have to use it to force women into outdoing each other?


I Hate Green Beans by Lincee Ray

Liz wears a nursing bra with a body suit and then drapes a blanket around her shoulders. Strike one. Then she reads from her journal about that time she and Nick slept together at Jade and Tanner’s wedding. Strike two. The girls felt that she was “so raw” with her emotions. All Nick was thinking was, “Did she tell anyone else?” as he twirls his thumbs. She explains that she wasn’t ready to let Nick fully in, which may explain why their rendezvous was awkward in Liz’s opinion.


Possessionista by Dana Weiss

In case you missed the first 300 times she mentioned it, Liz met Nick at a wedding nine months ago. She knows. And he knows. Tanner and Jade know. All of America knows. But nobody in the house knows, and she’s got to do something about that. So she rustles up her closest friend in the house, Pebbles Christen, for a little poolside confessional. Over some brontosaurus burgers, she reveals the very, very, very intimate details of her night with Nick. Christen is even more perplexed by this news than she is by Liz’s back tattoo.


TV Lust by Abby Draper

The next morning, Corrine is already drinking champagne again and still talking about Nick touching her boobs. I have so many questions. Are these new fake boobs? Has no one ever touched them before? I could walk downstairs to the hotel bar and ask anyone to grab my boobs and they would. I don’t get it.


Reality Steve (SPOILERS!)

You’ll never believe who the star of the after party was. And when I say star, I mean “producer puppet who did everything they told her to do.” Corinne is the first one to steal Nick away for some alone time, and already the girls are beginning to talk about her. She’s the aggressive one, does Nick really want someone like that, blah blah blah. Just remember, every conversation you see of the group of women talking about someone else, is a topic told to them by producers.


Betches Love This

Liz then gives the most awkward breakup speech of all time.
Liz: I’ve been hurt but I wasn’t ready to let you fully in.
Nick's face was like "ummm pretty sure I went all in."


The Wise Guise

There’s Raven from Arkansas, who I’m positive owns an “American by birth, Southern by the grace of God” monogrammed tank top.

There’s Corinne, who is the type of girl that follows at least 10-15 different Instagram accounts that have the word “betches” in the title. If she’s reading this then she just spit coffee out of her mug that reads, “There’s Wine in Here.”


Scary Mommy

First date card arrives. Women freak out. The first name that’s called is Corinne’s and we all die a little inside. The card reads, “Always a bridesmaid…” which could either be a nod to Nick failing at love so much or a nod to the fact that the women chosen for these group dates are always the B team. Not sure which.


The Blow Off

Chris urges them to do WHATEVER IT TAKES to get alone time with Nick and to take advantage of that time they have together. Jesus, Chris Harrison is not a subtle man. He basically just told all the girls to give Nick a BJ in the thirty seconds they have with him until someone else interrupts to give him a BJ.


Mel Got Served







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