Since this show’s inception (has it really been two years now?) I’ve struggled with the roses being in the men’s courts that first week. I know the very next week the power shifts in the ladies’ favour, but I don’t know… it still doesn’t seem possible to make up for that initial unfairness. The first week already strikes me as a fragile situation for the women. So much of this show and the connections made on it begin with physical appeal and attraction; the result is way too many women feeling and acting insecure, feeling pressure to “do whatever it takes” to “secure” a rose (whatever that means… ugh), or in Lace’s words, used as a voiceover while we see her and Grant crawl into bed together, “make him want to give me the rose.” The entire season is then off to a completely misogynistic start, with those women relying way too hard on their sexual appeal.